This blog began in 2008 as a way for me to share my thoughts concerning what I knew to be a “new racism”.  The blog has evolved, as I have sought to respond to what I would call “the politics of racism”, and occasionally the” politics of the religious right.”

Back in 2008 I was somewhat disappointed during the Presidential primary campaign debates, when two of the candidates began attacking each other as being soft on the “illegal immigrant issue”.

Never mind that key figures in their own party had attempted to lead the way with useful and humanitarian immigration reform; the  two debaters were fearful that they might lose their most conservative voters. So they continued to wrangle and insult each other until the moderator called a halt.

The immigration issue is quite complex. We have thousands of young USAmerican citizens who have no voice, whose families are under seige. I have dared to step into the world and culture of these families, and have learned much, even as, many years ago I became acquainted with many black families in spite of the fact that my hometown, Charlotte, NC was still segregated.

I have discovered that something very special happens when you dare to step across culture lines — mutual respect and understanding.

This blog is not intended to be a rant.

Rather I trust it is simply a solitary voice, politically unaffiliated, which seeks a hearing for the many families in my country who are trying to raise young citizens to productive adulthood against overwhelming odds.

In addition, it seeks to be an alternative voice to those who seem to never leave the company of “those just like us” in order to seek “the grander we” of humanity.

This effort is admittedly presumptuous.  You really didn’t ask me what I thought.  You may even wonder why I believe I have something worth sharing.

I can only reply that much of what is considered the history of the last half century has occurred during my life.  I have been and continue to be an observer of the things that shape us.   I am just presumptuous enough to believe I have something to say, even though I know you didn’t ask. Thanks for coming by!


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  1. I have just found your blog and am very impressed at how professional and sophisticated it is. I have not read any articles yet but rest assured I will. This will be a welcome and informative resource for me since I believe we agree on most every subject on your blog! I’ll comment more once I begin reading!

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