Fake News and Christian Evangelicals

As a young minister in the 1970’s, Larry became a witness to fake news gone viral, twenty years before the modern internet.  

In their desire to defend religious freedom of speech, many preachers and pastors were “rushing to print” with false claims which continue until the present.

The original article was clearly bogus, unattributed, and embarrassing. This should have served as an instructive moment for the evangelical community. Apparently, it did not.

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Dream President For Evangelicals?

When President Donald Trump chose Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA to deliver a graduation speech, the school’s leaders were elated. 

According to University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., President Trump is a “dream president” for evangelicals.

Not all of the 65,000 “distance learners” would agree, including Ivan Herrán, a church deacon and facilitator for incoming community college students. Ivan has not found the Trumpian message or agenda particularly helpful to the Hispanic community.

In addition to working full-time, Ivan has earned a Biblical studies and counseling degree from Liberty, and will attend the 2017 graduation.  The irony of having President Trump as his graduation speaker has not gone unnoticed.


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A White Reflection on Black History

Larry is committed to the “Greater We”, embracing and celebrating our nation’s diverse backgrounds and cultural histories. 

However, raised during the 50’s and 60’s, strict racial segregation was a way of life in the South. 

As Black History Month ends, Larry recalls a time of “we-they thinking” in this honest, confessional reflection of his formative years, believing that there is much to be learned from the past, as long as we are not willing to repeat it.

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Evangelicalism or Evangelism?

A lifetime student of the life of Jesus, Larry believes that Jesus’ interaction with a Samaritan woman and her community is the purest example of evangelism — sharing the good news message of love and hope across cultural boundaries. However, Jesus probably would not call himself an Evangelical. Larry explains why in this reflection on two Samaritan villages.

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¿Cómo se dice segura?
Some Post-Electoral Reflections

The 2016 presidential election results were not only surprising, but seemed to defy logic.

Larry Eppley is a 68 year old white male — raised Republican and an evangelical Christian. 80% of his demographic voted for Donald Trump.

In this post-election reflection, Larry tries to understand the apparent willingness of white Christian evangelicals to ignore obvious signs of racism and xenophobia, with little regard to the destructive impact to our immigrant communities.

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So the Republicans Have Discovered Spanish . . .

The Republican Party has become well-known for its English Only sentiments. Anyone speaking another language has been suspect as if not truly USAmerican. Yet suddenly the Republicans have discovered Spanish! Careful notice was given the RNC audience, seen enthusiastically applauding … Continue reading →