During the Obama years, Republicans have been haunted by Generic Republican —  that nameless, faceless candidate who always out-performs any Democratic candidate with a name and face. Moreover, Generic Republican also out-polled other Republican primary candidates!  

Real candidates have policies, positions, and political records, it seems.  Generic Republican, on the other hand was whatever the poll participant wanted him to be — the ultimate “hope and change” candidate.

It is now clear that we have found the “ghost of campaigns past” which has been eluding the Grand Old Party for years. A political outsider with no specific ideology, no voting record, and no specific message. The Democrat suddenly turned Republican.  The pro-choice guy who suddenly wanted to punish a woman who had an abortion. The armchair critic who once derided Mitt Romney for his self-deportation position — now ready to advocate mass deportations!

The ultimate “feel your pain” candidate.  A true blank check.  You want to mine coal, then coal it is. You want jobs, then jobs you will have. You dislike demographic shifts, then I don’t like them either.  Any of them! They are rapists and terrorists and there are millions of them, just walking free.

Are you feeling afraid, then I’ll mirror your fear, compounded and returned with interest! Civility, sensitivity, politeness, discretion, respect, honesty, accountability — all gone by the board.  I mean, really, what else do you have to lose? 

We have just elected Generic Republican — the mirror of our own worst selves. “God bless us, every one!”

About Larry Eppley

Larry Eppley's background is diverse. A former pulpit minister, he was a real estate agent before spending about ten years as a computer software trainer and IT support specialist. Now retired, he teaches English as Second Language classes for Spanish speakers, as well as a weekly bilingual Bible class.


The Ghost of Republican Present! — 1 Comment

  1. Very true Larry. Well said. A millionaire promising to look out for the common man?

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